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Iter are stories in Italian dystopic written by Laura Lalune Decroche and illustrated by me.
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Airbnb Experience

You will meet Diego and may join a small group of people willing to put their hands on brushes and colours, discovering a florentine painter's technique while listening to his tales about being an artist in Italy with all the pros and cons. 

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People say

I’ve always loved Diego Gabriele’s protagonists. When two of my close female friends decided to get married, I asked Diego to draw their portrait together using his rich, artistic language with its diverse shades of allegory. And there they are! It’s so them. A beautiful surprise that the couple treasures.


For our first home together we bought one of Diego's paintings. We couldn't have made a better choice: it added some character and beauty to our little world.

Consuelo and Antonio

I wanted to make my IKEA living room more original so I picked up the phone and called Diego. I wanted one of his lovely girls decorating my credenza. His unique style transformed the living room; now every guest who comes to our home for the first time is amazed and asks where that girl is from.


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20-09-18 ArtBattle Firenze

20-09-18 ArtBattle Firenze

Il 20 settembre parteciperò all'ArtBattle che si terrà a Firenze, chi viene a fare il tifo per me?
3 artisti che mi piacciono #24giugno

3 artisti che mi piacciono #24giugno

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Gallerie a pagamento per artisti illusi

Gallerie a pagamento per artisti illusi

Ho deciso di inaugurare il blog “appunti di un pittore”, con un articolo che scrissi nel 2013 per leciane.it, questo articolo negli anni ha ris...